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  • What is the maximum size of micro-SD card that is supported for this device? I suggest that a specs document for the unit as a whole is in order, as it would answer basic questions like this, and more.

  • "Via a Bluetooth connection with your iOS device"

    So this device is compatible with Apple only, not Android? I have no use for closed, proprietary technology.

  • A couple of very inexpensive additions would transform this from a flimsy product to quaity: 1. A socket for the chip. Really? You want your average hobbyist to be soldering a $6 chip in directly, risking damage, when you could supply a socket for 20 cents or less? 2. Spacers, screws, nuts to attach the boards at the corners 3. Perhaps a low-profile socket for the display to allow it to be changed 4. Pins to allow the FTDI to be used These would cost maybe a dollar more on the cost. I'd pay it to have a more complete kit.

    The board ought to be reconfigured to have the two JST connectors have the same pinouts. That's kind of a sloppy error.

    Some simple instructions - at least a photo of what it is supposed to look like when finished, and some hints on using it - would be useful. It's kind of confusing that you supply a second JST when it's not obviously needed, yet you don't supply more essential parts.

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