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  • Who knew it would be so hard to write a shell script?

  • I have a several presumptuous squirrels that live in my backyard. Our relationship started out great as I observed them scampering through the grass and chasing each other up the oak tree. However my feelings soured last October the morning I woke up and discovered my masterpiece jack-o-lantern that I had painstakingly carved the night before had been masticated to tiny bits by these bandits. As autumn turned into winter and winter turned into spring, the apparent absence of the squirrels lulled me into a false sense of security. Little did I know that what they were planning next would put even the most diabolical trouble maker to shame. As the spring's temperature's brought new birds to the branches of the oak tree, I thought it would be nice to set out a bird feeder. I purchased a large plastic bin with a lid and filled it with bird feed. It didn't take long for these mischievous aerial acrobats to find a way to leap from the branches and land right on the suspended bird feeder with the precision of USA Olympic Gymnast Gabby Douglas. I swear I could see them snickering at me as they enjoyed their feast. Several months have past by and conquering the bird feeder wasn't the end. I recently discovered the lid of the large plastic bin containing 80 LBS of bird feed started to have bite marks. Within days there was a perfectly symmetric hole chewed through the top of the lid allowing a free for all for every squirrel in my neighborhood! At that point I had had enough; THIS IS WAR! I started thinking about ways to humanely deter these little rascals from eating all the bird feed which would likely result in an obesity epidemic in my local squirrel population. This is where the LilyPad MP3 board comes into play. I want to connect a motion sensor to the board, and place it inside the bird feeder bin. When the board detects an intruder, it will blast some heavy metal music (I'll take suggestions here) and scare the bajeezus out of the little booger. Unless someone can suggest a better idea, THE LILYPAD MP3 IS MY LAST HOPE!

  • I thought I understood this issue, but the more I research the more confused I get. Let's be clear that the status quo in the United States is tiered internet speeds. Right now you can pay comcast or verizon more money to get higher down/upload speeds. In the "play by play" description of the original post, it says that the FCC proposed regulations to establish net neutrality as the law of the land. My question is what did they actually propose? I'm not interested in hearing sensationalized "the government is taking over our lives" rhetoric. I would like someone who has educated themselves on the topic to enlighten me, or point me to a reliable reference. Am I to understand that we are to contact the FCC and ask them to establish something that they are already pursuing? Or, are we upset with FCC Chairman Wheeler's proposal to allow "throttling"? Can someone tell me what I'm supposed to be upset about? What will change under these proposals? What does Sparkfun mean by "net neutrality? Do you mean that ISPs should no longer be allowed to charge more for faster connections? Or do you aim to prevent Netflix from paying money to Comcast to allow customers to stream their content faster than customers can stream Amazon Instant Prime videos and thereby creating an uneven playing field? I would like someone to separate what is actually being proposed, from paranoid consumer speculation. Regardless of what side of the issue people fall on, I think it's great that Sparkfun is fostering the conversasiton.

  • If it's simply a matter of putting a bootloader on the device, wouldn't it be cheaper for sparkfun to send each affected customer a pocket avr programmer (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9825) instead of a new microview? Yes, it would require each customer to flash a new .hex file but it would be faster and cheaper than sending them a second unit.

  • I've put this circuit on my own pcb, and loaded the firmware and I'm not getting anything. The computer doesn't recognize it as an HID device... Any suggestions? Anyone else had similar problems?

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