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  • What is the Advantage of having a 16Mhz bootloader? How do I specify TX-1/RX-0 of the FTDI pins in my sketch? I'm currently working using D0 and D1 for TX/RX, but not with the FTDI TX/RX. Any help?

  • Does the alert pin (D3) need to be supplied with Vdd (+) and used with a resistor? I see it is labeled an input in the example code.

  • I believe I need to add I2C pull-up resistors on the SDA (A4) and SCL (A5) lines. What size resistors should I tie between each line and Vdd (+)? I'm assuming 4.7K ohms for the MAX17043G+U IC. Is that correct?

  • Please see my post in the Arduino forum that directly relates to this shield and problems I'm having. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


  • What does this statement mean in the example code? How do I know what to set it at? It is probably the cause of my problem.

    define MAX17043_ADDRESS 0x36 // R/W =~ 0x6D/0x6C

  • What size resistor to charge at 500mA? What are the cons for doing this?

    "The charging circuit is configured to charge the LiPo at 100mA but by adding a resistor to the supplied through-holes you can boost this to 500mA."

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