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  • Actually, “about the size of a nickel" is the more accurate comparison versus the quarter in the video. However, the product page states that it “is only about the size of a penny”, which is much closer in size.

    • 18.6 mm = largest measurement of the HS-35HD Servo
    • 17.91 mm = diameter of a dime - *not compared to on SparkFun
    • 19.05 mm = diameter of a penny - winner with just 0.45 mm difference
    • 21.21 mm = diameter of a nickel
    • 24.26 mm = diameter of a quarter *

    Taking these numbers into account, I can’t make any “cents” of why SparkFun keeps making a comparison “change”. Could it just be SparkFun showing us an example of hyperinflation?

    *measurements provided by and product page. commenter not responsible for inaccurate measurements nor bad puns.

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