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  • I would guess you already have this: Operator's and Unit Maintenance Manual

  • I think Radio Shack was the Radio Shack for makers... It seems like the media is acting like the maker movement is some big new thing when really it is just more visible now. The reason why Radio Shack was successful for its early years was these yet to be defined "makers" of the day. All those people who made radios from Radio Shack kits in the early Radio Shack days would fall into the current definition of "makers." All the home "DIY" and "maker" projects involving home improvements used to just be called "taking care of your house" or inventing.

    The difference now is the level of technology available to the masses has increased along with the ease of sharing your projects. This has led to a more impressive/visible footprint for a maker movement, but I think what is being called the maker movement is just the term of the day for standard human ingenuity/creativeness that has always been there.

  • You should check your temperatures for the PLA extrusions. Typically the temp for PLA is in the neighborhood of 220C, not 130C. Also, typically it is the easiest to work with...

  • For thirty-four years, I have endeavored to be more "human"; to grow beyond my original programming. Still, I am unable to grasp such a basic concept as humor... This emotion chip may be the only answer. -Data, Star Trek Generations

  • I am confused on the Z out. I don't seem to get anything on the Z out of my encoder. With what frequency is the pulse supposed to repeat? Why would A and B be fully functional, yet I get no output on Z? Any help would be appreciated.

    Edit: I should say, I get a constant high on Z.

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