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  • No, I never got it to work.

  • I just bought one to use with the BeagleBone Black. I sort of got it working, but not quite. I can get video for linux 2 to probe the camera, and it tells me it’s a 640x480 yuyv camera using the uvcvideo driver. If I try and set it to 1024x768, that doesn’t work, but I get no errors on why. If I try and take a picture using v4l2grab -x640 -y480 -n1, I get an output .ppm file that has each scan line not aligned with the line above it in the picture. So, I get “shredded paper strips” in my picture, with each “strip” seeming to be valid, but the alignment of the strips to be invalid. The result is not intelligible as a picture…

    Any ideas how I can get a real picture from this camera and BBB?

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