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  • I was having similar problems with a servo I got back in January. After reading your message I decided to take it apart and check things out. Sure enough the gears had been setup wrong. Works great now. The shocking lack of quality control is sad. I’d rather pay an extra $0.10 for something that works like it’s supposed to.

  • I understand the desire to have a cool red breadboard. Ditching the clear plastic helps but trying to read black lettering on red is also difficult…especially in non-optimal lighting. Kids were much happier when I switched to using a traditional white board with full lettering and numbering.

    For showing kids how breadboards work I always have a sample laying around that I’ve removed the sticky backing so they can see the actual wiring. Kinda takes the magic out of it for them and they seem to understand.

    Even still, the most common errors continue to be in lining up the tiny wires into the proper rows/holes!

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