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  • The "static sticker": clings to the window without using any adhesives, but with static, much like "window clings" do that are often used for holiday decorating.

  • is it possible to replace a chip antenna with a threaded antenna connector?

  • I was truely making guesses based on other hardware. I was only like 500mA off... (and that's how the fire started)

  • USB usually draws 5V at around 1amp. the Asus wifi adapter I had drew about 0.7 amps. don't know about this one though

  • We need the matching jack!!! Please Please Please

  • So, I bought a couple of these, found schematics online, built the circuits, the LED turned on for the expected amount of time, then it does't work. I took the circuit apart and re-did it and the LED no longer turns on... I powered the whole thing with a 9V battery and has a resistor going to the LED to keep from frying it (learned that one the hard way a while ago) any suggestions?

  • so I suck at reading data sheets... I was wondering what the maximum voltage is that I can put through this shift register is. I am wanting to make an automated fireworks display and I need to supply 6-12 volts to the igniters. can this IC handle it or would I need to find a High voltage version?

  • Would this work as the BT modem for my custom android game pad? Using arduino to make the game pad and wanting to interface it with my phone as a Keyboard.

  • What about the suppliers? Can we learn about them? And is there by chance a list of them so we can thank them?