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  • Please Advice,

    How do I burn the bootloader into these boards? Is there a tutorial out there? I know they come with it preloaded but I would like to learn how to do this.

    I've only done it with Arduino UNOs using another working UNO

    Is it the same process??

  • I want to attend these events! Anyone know of upcoming events in southern Cali? I live in LA but dont mind traveling a few miles

  • This is not what I had in mind when you told me to come play Operation

  • I want to read my car's speed while in motion. Can I create some type of setup with this cable to send the info to an arduino?

    Or do I need extra hardware such as the "Car Diagnostics Kit Retail" sold here on SparkFun?

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. Someone please reply lol

  • I have a question about an idea for a project that I have. I want to make a solar powered cell phone charger using a panel I have laying around. The sticker on the panel says Pmax:8W and Vmax17V but I tested it and it puts out about 20V Max when in direct sun light. Can I hook that up to this power supply and get a steady 5V to charge a phone? And is this safe for a phone? How do I know how much amperage this will put out? Because I know nowadays phone chargers are rated at about 1amp more or less. I wouldnt want to make this anything over 2amps. Hopefully someone can answer. Thanks in advance!

  • Oh nvm found it

  • Which pins are used by this shield??

  • Hi all, I wanted to get the Ethernet shield for my UNO but I found this and want to get it. But can anyone please give me the link to a programmer(from sparkfun of course) that works with this, I'm still a little confused at to which one to use.


  • XD Will do

  • After an entire day of 10% productivity at work and 90% Captcha Solving Efforts I actually hit a winning Captcha towards the VERY END.

    I had lost ALL HOPE and was very but very frustrated and mad. Because I gotta admit it was an EXTREMELY frustrating process.

    But by working hard at entering these Captchas(and hardly working here at my job) I got my winning ticket, I feel like Charlie when he got his golden ticket lol

    Thanks SF

    P.S.- In behalf of all of us(Winners & The not so lucky ones), No more captchas next year PLEASE.