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  • News - Intro to Servo Motors wit… | about a year ago

    I think the middle positions should be close to 1.5ms not 1.0ms

    I always understood that servos varied there pulse between 1.0ms and 2.0ms with 1.5ms being half way. I do understand that the edge timings are not exact. It is only the center that I question.

    Otherwise the servo would sweep really fast over the first “half” (.4ms) and then slower over the last half (1.2ms).

    Unless I am missing something…?

  • News - A Good Ol' Fashioned Capt… | about 2 years ago

    Three guys and a dog.

  • Tutorial - Laser Tape Measure Hacking | about 2 years ago

    Very interesting! I love a good puzzle.

    I wonder if some sort of flow control is used.

    It is interesting that you see the ?/r/n response when you trigger the laser. According the the DISTO protocol that is possibly a response to a command. If it is just a general ready for new command you would think it would only show up once on startup. Because it shows up ever time you press the trigger it makes me wonder if the trigger sends a command to the processor via another route.

    Just some thoughts. Good luck

  • Product DEV-09530 | about 4 years ago

    Just got it working! Very nice.
    Couple of hints for others.
    –Default baud is 9600 8n1.
    –Make sure your card is formated as fat16.
    –If you hook it directly up to FTDI Basic don’t forget to cross the rx and tx lines.

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