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  • Hi, I haven’t been able to test this motor with the A4988 driver so much, even with load on the shaft. But yes, it works with the driver. What i have learned is that don’t rewire the connections while power is on. Second thing is what i have assumed that i have learned is, that the main driver circuit shuts down quite easily. I plan to drive the motor with 1,5Kg-2Kg load and with the 400steps/rev. motor the chip shuts down with high torque/low speed settings. I bought a 14Lx14Wx20H (mm) heatsink and even that does not make the circuit do what it can… So you most definately need a big heat-sink and yes => DO OVERKILL the cooling part, put some fans and mega-huge heatsinks. I bought some heatsink paste from dealextreme and pasted a 5mm aluminum piece on the chip and the the machined heatsink on the aluminum piece. The paste was ok, but you should not put too much preassure with your finger on the heatsink before it drops off.

    Hope this clearifies a bit. Maybe some other driver chip tolerates larger currents.?

    If you don’t need that precise movement. Consider a geared motor from for e.g. pololu. I bouth one and a driver for it and that driver wont get hot, at least what i have tested so far (with finger preassure load on the shaft)

  • Hi, I bought this motor and i have an A4988 motor driver from pololu:

    This motor states 2A/Phase and the driver states 2A / coil. I assume this means the same but has anybody tested this motor with A4988 motor driver without burning the driver up. Just so that i know.


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