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  • Thank you for your response. I don’t have experience getting funding from Kickstarter, so I don’t know what is effective, and it’s too late to change your plan anyway (people have paid for certain access levels). However, in general, it seems that opening up code quite early leads to better outcomes – potential flaws can be detected early in development, people have a sense that a project is active, etc. And people in this community are generally supportive: you’d get suggestions and help, not [much] sniping about code quality.
    In any case, a six week turnaround from getting funding to code availability isn’t all that long, so my point will be moot soon, as this will be fully open. Best of luck with the project.

  • Interesting project. Paying for future development work is certainly reasonable (people have to eat!). But it is not “open source and free to the world if the developer gets enough funding.” Even once the funding is in, only those pledging $69+ get the source code (those pledging $39+ get an alpha version, but not the source). The source code stays hidden until, according to the kickstarter page, “some time after the release of Minibloq 1.0 beta.” Hiding source code until people agree to pay for future development may be justifiable (arguably), but hiding source until some unspecified, developer-chosen time after a beta is released seems pretty counter to open source principles.

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