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  • Of course.

  • No idea - really hard to tell from the article. From the size, I would guess probably not. But they do say ‘complete module’ (though that does sometimes mean front end RF (+LNA?), but no antenna). Surely more info or even a datasheet will surface soon enough…

  • How about getting some of these modules: GPS RADIONOVA SS3?

    GPS RADIONOVA SS3 is a very small 18.4x9x2.3mm3 single package GPS receiver module suitable for SMT mounting. It operates on a single 3.6V positive bias supply with low power consumption and available low power modes for further power savings. SS3 is supported by SiRF’s GPS software suite and uses a UART/SPI host processor interface.

    The special offer SS3 GPS Receiver Modules are available direct from Antenova only.

    They seem not as good as GP-2106 perhaps, but can’t beat the price at $3! I wonder who they would sell to and in what quantities. Surely, us mere mortals can’t buy them, but maybe sparkfun could?

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