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  • Congratulations to the lucky few that got these today. I had one in my cart but lost it when I had to log in to check out.

  • I can't quite grok from their descriptions how the IOIO differs from the Electric Sheep. I know the Electric Sheep is basically just the ADK platform, and I know this isn't (unless you load the alternate firmware). But I don't really understand the differences. Can anyone comment?

    I have a project in mind where I want to make my Android phone communicate with another device that has a Serial interface. I don't really know at this point whether I could get by with just a "Audio Jack Modem for iPhone and Android" or whether I'd need something like the IOIO to 'translate' for me.

  • I think Member 264666 was concerned about the ringtone sound playing over the "headset" (modem), and not any sort of telephony-specific interference.

    Basically, this connection is repurposing the audio connection from the phone. What happens when some regular audio plays suddenly? This could happen when you receive a call, a text, or a notification from one of your apps or the system (e.g. low battery).

    I would imagine that there is the potential for garbage data to be generated in such a case, but I suspect that slight corruption of the intended data is more likely. If possible, it might be best to mute everything else before using this.

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