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  • Just wondering if you have received your repaired device? How long did it take for RN to respond to you?

    I, too, have bricked my device within the first 2 hours of having it. For a device with as clean and simple an interface as this device has, it seems like it should be bullet proof from such fatal errors.

    RN has been extremely slow to respond with very vague answers on when they will even get me an RMA number let alone a repair.

    Just wondering how your experience has been.

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  • Not to reply to my own reply, but now I see there is the WRL-10822 which looks to be hardware compatible with the XBee hardware but uses WiFi. Has anyone actually tested this with this weather board? There appears to be a picture of the setup on the WRL-10822 page.

  • I, too, would like to interface a WiFly to this, but upon reviewing the schematic, it appears as though only 3 of the necessary 4 pins are broken out (D10(SS) is not, D11-D13 are). I'm not one to solder leads straight to SMDs so not sure if this is feasible.

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  • Just curious if anyone has had success powering one of these from a solar panel with a lipo plugged in for overnight power? I'd like to mount this in the middle of a yard and use a solar panel to charge the battery during the day and still maintain sensor readings and transmission via an xbee.

  • I agree. Not having the barrel jack from the original makes it difficult to incorporate a solar panel for charging, battery pack connection for supply, and a load connected all at the same time. I like the old design better.

  • Very nice, been longing for something like this. Any issues with piggybacking this with the new "microSD Shield" you just released? I'm looking for a GPS data logger and that combo may just be the answer.

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