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  • You should really write in HUGE letters that the sensor needs to be clamped on one of the wires. I was clamping it on a cable in hope that I can measure a device consumption without breaking the cable.

  • What I would do instead of shipping the same unit, I'd build a programmer that allows just plug the unit in and re-flash it. Benefits: -Cheaper in production -Can be reused for other ATMega recovery -Faster lead time -Users get their devices fixed (and presumably faster) -Users get better understanding of how things work. Presumably your customers are those who are interested in such kind of things.

    Other then that - you guys are great, I love you. I'd try to help your customers in northern Boston area to get their devices fully functional (I've got a few arduinos I can use as programmers) just to save you guys a few bucks.

  • same problem here with arduino/temperature. Reading 253/254/255

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