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  • I think a major point of free day is to bring new customers in. I don’t think it will work as well as they hoped this year, as new customers got frustrated, and you never want to have any customer, let alone a new customer leave your site frustrated.

  • I think this system wasn’t good this year. The captchas were tedious, and the whole thing wasn’t fun. I think what you should do next year is the quiz system again, but add captchas to slow people down. Like have it where the person has to type in a captcha or two to start the quiz, and then do the same after each question. That way your servers should be able to handle it, and people have a higher chance of winning.

  • If my calculations are correct, you had a better chance at winning the Cash 3 then this.

  • Hmmm I’m not sure about that, as I made about 3600 attempts for 6 hours and was doing a captcha about every 5 secs, non-stop and still didn’t win. I think you have to take the Geiger counter into play, as that makes it truly random, and very hard to calculate the odds.

  • I didn’t like the system at all this year. I did waste 6 hours, but I am not going to completely complain about it. I recommend doing a system like this next year. The system would be like this, you could use the Geiger tube again, but have a button that would allow people to hit it 10 times before requiring a captcha to continue. That way, people have better odds of winning, while keeping the server load lower.

  • Ok, thank you. One more question is, and it’s not related to free day, but do you sell the Parallax Ping sensor?

  • Is the only prize the $100 certificates? Or will there be other value of certificates that are given away, like $25 or $50 certificates?