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  • It's a decoupling capacitor:

  • Nice tutorial, but: why didn't he use the laser cutter for the control box as well? Okay, it's cool to go berserk and use as many tools as you have available - and teaching how to use Creo and Mach and what not at the same time. But since all the parts are doable on a laser know...c'mon. Half the effort and you don't need super expensive software (open source Inkscape will do most of the time).

  • Have a look at the provided table by rawebb: (PDF) As you can see a saturated NaCl-solution (Sodium Chloride...or what most people say: (common) salt) leads to ~74-76%RH in the whole (sensible) temperature range. Actually, we learn stuff like that in school in Germany.

  • if u use an Arduino have a look at this thread,92074.0.html

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