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  • The best feature of an electricImp is how the Wifi is configured. On an ESP8266, like the CC3000 modules, the SSID and passcode needs to be hardcoded into your MCU sketch. The electricImp uses an app on your smartphone called 'BlinkUp' to connect to a Wifi router. Any router you can see with your smartphone can be connected to in about 10 seconds. You hold the imp up to the phone and it gets configured optically with a burst of flashing lights, like a flashlight gone mad. This feature really becomes relevant for commercial products; I can show up at a customer's house and connect the imp to their home router without plugging in the device to a laptop and programming anything. Then since the imp's IDE is cloud-based, I can monitor the device, its status and its data outputs later from my home PC 24x7 and also tweak the code if necessary, without climbing back up on the customer's roof. So, if you're just using the MCU at home, get an ESP-8266 for Wifi, they're way cheaper. If you're building robust products for the real world, the electricImp is totally worth the extra money.

  • Harbor Freight: Still only $6.99 w/ backlight! Available in Sparkfun-like red color!

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