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  • Does this cover 2.0?

  • I'm running into the same problem, but can't get it to use the CAN and access the SD card in the same sketch--also on an Uno. Did you find a solution?

  • Hi. Can someone link to a project or code sample that uses this shield with the CANbus and the SD card at the same time on an Uno?

    I'm working on a project that is to have 3 slave units generate sensor data that they are to save on their own SD cards as well as send via CAN to the master unit. At the same time, the master unit is to receive that data and store it, and based on the data calculate and send via CAN an instruction code back to the one slave unit that controls an actuator.

    We can get the master and one slave to communicate with each other, but not the master and more than one slave, and we can get everything to store stuff to SD cards, but not communicating with each other at all.

    We've been working based off the Seeed Studio CAN-bus code and the Cory Fowler code, and clearly just don't get how to modify these so each board can save data to its own card and communicate with the master unit.


  • I agree. The variety and number of components included with this kit, along with the instructional materials, and, heck, even a case, for a hundred bucks do make this the budget kit. One thing to consider is all the time saved not having to source the components individually, as well as not having to pay the shipping a few components at a time. This kit is the way to go.

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