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  • It sounds like you’re all already taking a lot of good measures.

    A few other ideas (though they may be too expensive to do all at once), depending on how much flexibility you have with the property: Installing sensor-activated faucets, low-flow toilets, and waterless urinals. Installing photo, motion and sound sensors to turn off lights if no one is using a room, or if the ambient light is sufficient.

    A former employer of mine was able to partner with the landowner/developer to install a slew of technologies include grey-water systems, solar systems, a green roof, and pervious pavement while splitting the cost in agreement to act as a demonstration site and extended case-study in the cost/benefits of these LID/LEED technologies. You might be able to partner with nearby educational institutions along similar lines (if you can get your landlord to go along).

    When it comes time for new or additional work areas, consider wheatboard work surfaces, natural-fiber fabrics, and plant-based plastics.

    It sounds like you’re making a lot of progress, though!

  • How about trying a partnership with a Carbon offset company (TerraPass or similar) and offer customers the option to purchase carbon credits at the time of checkout to offset shipping impacts?

    If you don’t already, you could offer your employees the Bicycle Commuter Tax Benefit (reimbursement) and/or Transit Benefits (not sure what the transit situation is like in Boulder). Be sure to provide either indoor bicycle parking (and shower) or work with the landlord to offer secure bike racks outside.

    There’s lots of other suggestions for energy efficiency and employee health, but without knowing everything that you’re doing already, it would be a bit excessive to try and post all of them.

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