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  • Hi,

    I represent a company that makes some card style modules like the electric imp. We work mainly to provide smart building systems with 6LoWPAN, ZigBee, WirelessHART, Bluetooth and yes Wi-Fi, too. We envisioned something else, we don't have cloud things, we don't even focus on that, more we focus on gateway devices, interoperability, easy communication between devices, low-power devices, security and privacy. We won't force anybody to do anything with their data. Everything will be set by end user in a very user friendly web browser. You share the data you want and with whom you want. We have a little more to work on software side but we are closer to the end result.

    Everything will come free of charge (manufacturer programming interface, end-users configuration interface and many other things), and in the same time the hardware will be cheap enough to be used by anybody without having to spend much money on it.

    We are aware that it a protocol or technological solutions are not free they won't get widespread in the world.

  • Hi,

    this cloud thing is not very good for smart building systems. I have written some papers on this. I make research in this field of Internet of Things, Web of Things, smart building systems and others. I made a device like this, a Smart RF card (SRF) that works on 6LoWPAN (a compressed IPv6, on ZigBee, Wireless HART and others). Right now it has PIC micro capabilities and runs a operating system. I want to make all this as flexible as possible, in order for you, end users to be able to configure your home, office, hospitals, medical devices and so on, in a few very easy steps.

    I use the sub-GHz frequency to have better range with less energy emitted. There will be a mixed Wi-Fi access for configuration and low power communication through your building. We are working hard to get it on the market as soon as possible. The will be programming interface for manufacturers and end users with little knowledge in programming and an interface for those who don't want to develop code, only to set various things. We hope in 2013 you will get these modules. The main direction we are focusing is interoperability, low power, security and the most important privacy. We don't think that cloud will be a good solution to store personal data. Maybe a centralized system would be good for smart cities to have everything in a single place but not for personal use.

    Anyway don't use Wi-Fi, try to think about having 100 smart devices in a single building, each one having Wi-Fi communication, think about the energy transmitted, it's better to use others like Bluetooth LE, ZigBee or 6LoWPAN.

    We think that you will be satisfied with our modules. We wish everybody a nice day.

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