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  • Erm… when my engineer co-workers and I are joking about speccing cheap, slightly sketchy power supplies because the customers will never notice… we’re joking about giving them Meanwell parts.

    I mean, they’re probably fine for hobby use, but if you need serious power supplies I’d go with Phoenix Contact, Sola, or Puls.

  • Fun fact: in the theater world we refer to drilling “speed holes” as “airplaining.”

  • The awkward moment when you can write ULPs for EAGLE that are better than EAGLE’s actual preference panes.

  • Alright, so the EAGLE package seems to have a weird ghost outline of one of the dimension polygons for the battery end— but it only shows up when you look at the device, if you just look at the package itself, it’s not there. Any ideas?

  • A bit late, but these are now available.

  • Even after I got a $60 auto-ranging meter out of my school for free, this is still my favorite multi. Does exactly what it needs to. Even bought an identical replacement after I dropped a bolt cutter on my first one (an obviously completely unrelated bit of advice: don’t carry bolt cutters in poorly secured bicycle panniers.)

    And mine is proudly yellow :). ‘Cause I’m a rebel.

  • Is this UL listed? I assume not…

  • I hate when the USPTO punches a ton of innocent people in the face with a fistful of stupid. But hey, at least they denied Intel a trademark on the NUMBER 586! After they’d already let them trademark 286, 386, and 486… And that doesn’t even hold a candle to Apple’s patents on using chamfers on the edges of rectangular things. Because apparently basic tenets of industrial design used for decades are patentable now. UGH.

  • Can we see what the interior of that box looks like? Doing enclosure design is one of my pet peeves, and that one didn’t have any of the problems mine always do. Specifically, how is the Uno mounted inside, how is the USB cable attached, and what did you use to drill the holes for the buttons? I built something much like this, but with 6 buttons and a couple shift keys (Mainly used it for doing work with QLab) but it was nowhere near as pretty as this one. I do like the idea of the detachable foot pedal, though.

  • Best cheap multimeter I’ve seen. All my friends with more expensive cheap multimeters are jealous of the continuity test. One word of warning: I don’t recommend carrying it in a bag with giant bolt cutters, as the screen gets quite interesting when smashed. However that incident did give me an excuse to disassemble it, and then buy an identical one.

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