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  • In theory there's no difference between theory and practice, in practice there is.

    In practice, for better or worse, 3 pin XLR for DMX is everywhere, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

    What would actually concern me is whether or not this is proper 120 ohm impedance cable, not mic cable (which is the usual problem with 3 pin DMX.)

  • The cool kids are calling “backlash” “lost motion” these days.

    Looks like your prop gain is way too hot. You may want to throw in a low-pass filter too: that type of gearbox combined with the bad inertia match probably gives you all kind of ugly resonances. Derivative terms tend to hate noise in the feedback as well, so you might want to switch it to a PI loop…

  • Well, you'd probably have to hack the firmware to let do you arbitrary output waveforms, and the frequency response is pretty bad, but.

    Also need to find a speaker that can survive being driven at 150MW.

  • This would have been mid to late '80s. VFDs do predate IGBTs, but not by much.

  • Fun fact: some of the early VFD manufacturers started recruiting engineers from Bose, once they realized that VFD output stages were basically really big subwoofer amps.

  • Ok, that's a fun one.

  • Man, my concept of what constitutes a big relay has been completely skewed: http://www.abb.com/product/seitp329/12daed844051a599482570f30045c9e5.aspx?tabKey=2&gid=ABB.ASEASK827045-EM

  • The part of me that spends hours playing with Delta Tau motion controllers at work is slightly pained by the tuning on that servo. Still pretty cool though!

  • Erm... when my engineer co-workers and I are joking about speccing cheap, slightly sketchy power supplies because the customers will never notice... we're joking about giving them Meanwell parts.

    I mean, they're probably fine for hobby use, but if you need serious power supplies I'd go with Phoenix Contact, Sola, or Puls.

  • Fun fact: in the theater world we refer to drilling "speed holes" as "airplaining."

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