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  • While I well and truly hate to be "that guy" I need to ask: Where's zero?

    I can understand * and # being dropped from a standard 12 key keypad in favor of breaking out the chip's spare contact pins, but anyone trying to use this for typing is going to need that missing digit.

  • Right now, people are paying for X usage as part of their plans (well, up to X). That usage can be spent on anything the user wants to do. It's the same type of deal for me as it is for a corporation or such: We pay for our usage, end of discussion.

    What's trying to be pushed through is an added distinction of source and destination affecting the quality of a connection beyond the physical limits of the network. Every activity you do online could be crippled or killed based on a payola scheme where not only do you pay for bandwidth, but you pay protection money to make sure said bandwidth applies to where you want to use it. You pay extra, your destination better have paid too, and both of you hope your ISP's parent company doesn't roll out a competing service and block you.

    Want to play a steam game? Tough, EA outbid them. You could complain on consumerreprots.com but Comcast rolled out buyernotices.com last week and suddenly you can't connect... Grandma would tell you "When I was your age..." but she can't afford VoIP to anyone without an AOL account...

  • Batch 53973, bootloader working. One of the pins on the programmer folded up when it was placed in the breadboard for shipping, but it's already back in it's proper place.

  • For drilling PLA: It's low melting point caused the bits to gum up so rather than cutting you grind a blob of molten PLA stuck to your drill against your object and make a mess. Same as if you try grinding on acrylic or a glue stick, you just coat your bit.

    To compensate and keep the temperatures low enough to cut, use a hand drill. Works like a charm. Same may hold true for ABS on larger pieces. The little tab you had wasn't thick enough to heat up enough.

    I mirror everyone else on PLA vs ABS: PLA is generally the easiest to work with. There's a lot a variables that can cause problems, I'd love to see what happened to attempt to troubleshoot (especially since I may be interested in picking up plastic from Sparkfun)

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