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  • Updated datasheet can be found here

  • If you were low on capacitors and felt the need to desolder an old motherboard, you'd end up with a lot of 'gunk' on your tip from the oldness of the motherboard's solder. If some of it got onto a dry spot on your tip it'd keep it from taking up solder after it burns in - the tinner will help to remove the 'gunk' which ends up turning your tip black and useless after some not-so-great soldering jobs. It's also good to tin it after you're done soldering - as any tip will oxidize and age quickly if not coated.

    Some people solve this by leaving a glob of solder on the tip so that the glob gets oxidized instead - same principle, but won't help you when you've melted some plastic or nastiness onto your iron :(

  • Never fear the pitch >:)

  • I got one that contained a racist word pertaining to my own race :(

    ...or at least I think that's what it said

  • lol... epic :)

    Hope the fingers feel better soon... if not, ice it and take some fish oil!

  • Thanks for another freeday Sparkfun - your contributions to our hobbyist community are irreplaceable and much appreciated :)

    • Supporting the community: $200,000

    • Supporting me: $100

    • Ability to solve captchas at break-neck speeds: priceless.

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