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  • My opinion is combined shipping shouldn’t have been allowed.

    It would also be neat if the price went up exponentially for each additional item, that would stop people from taking too many of the item.

  • Free day is what brought me to sparkfun a few years ago. I had got a free 100$ and ordered a soldering iron and some other random bits.

    Ill probably get something this upcoming free day. I need some parts anyway and the random item for a penny sounds fun. I can daydream all week waiting for it to arrive thinking of what Im going to get.

  • I still dont see the Blynk board as an option. Using arduino 1.6.9, esp8266 2.3.0 and Sparkfun ESP8266 2.1.0 installed

    EDIT: Ive found I need esp8266 2.1.0 to be able to see the blynk board as an option

  • The feathers arent just an arduino clone. They have built in battery and charging support. which is great for small portable projects. The feather line also make it easy to add wings(their version of a shield).

    The charlieplexed led shields might not be ground breaking but its a product that wasnt out and now it is easily available.

    Both are great uses of the open source philosophy, taking a product and improving it or customizing it to suit your needs. There is nothing wrong with more choices being available when trying to design a product.

    I also like both companies, each one has its strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes one might have some better products, but the other might have fun events or sometimes a tutorial that really helps understand something.

  • except it doesnt lead to a problem. My taz has been running almost every day since I got it 1.5yrs ago from here. I even just added another taz and a mini to my fleet. Looking in to adding another Taz 5 soon also. The thing is rock solid for reliability.

  • They have always been that way. Neither one affects the performance of the machine.

  • How about a windows app?

  • Covering the haybales seems like a great solution. or maybe even colored plastic corrugated sheets attached to the bail sides. That would solve the bags ripping and blowing away issue.

  • Thanks a ton for making the fence lower! It was hard to take pictures and see through it. Id consider this the best change made!

  • Its great that the battlebots are back and wont be hidden off behind the building. But im sad that the avc course is way smaller. Although that will introduce more challenges for those with gps since the margin of accuracy is harder to deal with in a tight space

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