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  • News - Hacker-in-Residence: Beag… | about 3 months ago

    There seem to be some here. EDIT: oops, nvm, they just link to the beaglebone website.

  • News - Intro to Servo Motors wit… | about a year ago

    Great video, thanks! Is there any chance a continuation of this actuators series will lead to brushless DC motors? I find myself trying to do position control just like the servos in this video (which most off-the-shelf ESC’s are bad for) and am wondering if somehow I am just failing to find an obvious existing solution that doesn’t involve writing the commutation code.

  • Product DEV-11114 | about 2 years ago

    That’s awesome, and btw thanks for all your work that ultimately ended up on i2cdevlib in figuring out the DMP on the MPU6050! I actually want to make something similar (with some other stuff on it). Would you mind sharing a schematic/board? Also, is that PCB homemade?

  • Product PRT-10501 | about 2 years ago


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