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  • I have some problems with the shield. First the temperature from the HTU21D seems to be a bit to high. Second the MPL3115A2 was working fine for the first few days. But now both pressure and temperature is way off (and not changing): 481.27hPa and 34.94C (it really is 1017.9hPa and 25.6C). Also the “Who_Am_I” register is supposed to return 0xC4, but now I get 0x2E for some reason.

  • Hi. I accidentally broke the micro usb connector of my fio. When it broke of it ripped the coppertraces of the PCB. So I cant solder it back again(I have tried). So now I cant re-flash it. I compared the connector to my netduino, and that have 4 points (through hole?) tethering the connector. The fio only have 2 smd points. Making it weaker. Hope you can change this in a new revision.

    Edit: Managed to solder a spare usb cable to the smd resistors that the data signal goes through, and the 5 volt and gnd breakouts. And it worked :D

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