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  • "SoC" stands for "System on Chip." It's not an architecture. It indicates how integrated the resulting machine will be. Microcontrollers have almost everything they need to run but usually don't have external busses. Microprocessors are just the CPU and you have to provide the rest. SoCs are in between, and they tend to have more fully-featured CPUs, so some might say they're the best of both worlds -- depending on the system you want to build.

  • FPGAs don't have preset clock frequencies. Their speed depends on various propagation times as well as the precision required by the code they're running. That said, the P1 has a 32MHz oscillator that you can use as a reference for slower or faster clocks in your circuit.

  • Not all modems are telephone modems. This one isn't. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modem.

  • Your argument would apply if Jerry actually GOT the free stuff.

  • Related project: TribeDuino. Decodes a Korg Monotribe firmware update that's encoded as an audio file, in real time, using frequency-shift keying.

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