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  • Finally, SparkFun is starting to sell parts I can use to really hurt myself!

  • I can't believe you guys have had that GPS wall clock up for FIVE YEARS and still haven't cleaned up that ugly wiring.

  • Digi-Key's website is made for people who know exactly what they want. Their parametric search is the best one around.

  • I'm not sure if they've fixed it in the newer revisions, but the front panel hole for the LCD is too small so you are going to have to route it out with a Dremel or other tool.
    That has definitely been fixed. I got one recently from RobotShop (The board says PN:109-06200-00C) and everything fits perfectly.
    I wouldn't call it a piece of crap, as it definitely works.
    However, you get what you pay for. This thing is no Tektronix, but it certainly does what it promises (and no more). The frequency counter mode is handy too.
    I didn't have any problems assembling it at all and it worked right away. Mine came with firmware 06208.030.

  • Use a PWM output from a 555 or micro-controller to drive it through a low-voltage MOSFET. I like NXP/Philips PMV30UN.

  • The product description and the manual both claim this device has 1MHz analog bandwidth at a sample rate of 1MS/s.
    Somebody call the Nobel prize committee, Seeed has broken the Nyquist limit!
    1MSPS is pretty good for this little thing, but calling its bandwidth 1MHz is just plain incorrect. I wouldn't trust it much beyond 100kHz or so.

  • redacted

  • RichardInVA: Is the serial protocol for this device proprietary? I'd like to use this with a PICAXE because I don't want to pot an Arduino, but I'm not sure the PICAXE would be able to generate the serial signal for it.
    The protocol is fully documented in the datasheet.

  • Look for the Tyco/AMP "AMPMODU Mod IV" series connectors.
    Here is the product info page for the 1-pin version (even though the picture shows 12 pins): http://tinyurl.com/2ahg8eu

  • Does the digital display show the actual temperature of the tip, or the setpoint?

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