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  • Is it okay to use this board with I2C devices? I noticed that TI makes both TXB and TXS series level shifters, where B stands for buffer-type and S stands for switch-type devices. For relatively low-speed microcontrollers, does it make a difference?

  • Why use one of these when you could use a Burroughs B7971? Google it. There's a Yahoo group called smartsockets dedicated to them.

  • Meant to say 15.8 Hz on the low end. Should have previewed, etc.

  • Just built the kit. My version came with a jack for a 5.5mm x 2.5mm plug (not 2.1mm i.d. as in the description). Also, I used the 12v regulated power supply that sparkfun sells (very cheaply) and put a jumper between the input and output of the 7812 (the two outer pins); use an insulated jumper so that you don't cause a short to ground. Depending on what size jack comes with your kit, you might need to change the plug on the transformer.
    Measured 158 Hz to 289 Khz on my ancient nixie-tube era HP frequency counter.
    My only complaint is that the frequency is difficult to adjust precisely because of the two single-turn pots. Maybe a high-quality ten-turn pot would be better. But as a cheap and dirty signal source for testing amplifier circuits and things like that, for $30 you can't complain.

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