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  • Hi, I just registered for this class. I have experience with small electronics, like fixing pinball machines, but have no fundamental knowledge of microchips, integrated circuits and programming. In fact I am such a novice, that one very simple task I want to accomplish is the entire purpose of my taking this class. I have a project that is a Lego carnival ride that is motorized. It is going to be on display at the museum for 3 months starting in June, and I would love to add a feature that allows one to press a button to run the motor for about ten seconds to view the carnival ride in action. It will be under plexi-glass on a display stand, and the museum has offered to make the necessary adjustments to add a button to the display. I am using the Lego battery box and motor, so all I need to do is interrupt that circuit, and then make it alive again when the button is pressed. It sounds so simple, and I hope I learn enough to accomplish this. But I am wondering, is it impolite, or even entirely inappropriate to ask questions about accomplishing this at the class? I understand if so.

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