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  • is it possible to get more information about what exactly the thermochromic powder is made from? the datasheet says: CHEMICAL NATURE: Dye microencapsulated with polymer but nothing more specific.

    in comparison, here the datasheet of another brand of thermochromic pigment, that lists it contains formaldehyde:

  • 5 years later, still a wonderful post to discover and read! the links to these videos are broken. any chance you know where to find them?

  • Does anybody know a source to get a 1M Ohm version of this thumb-wheel? Ideally from US. Thank you.

  • am also interested to know if there is a protocol for sending TO the bluetooth modem as an HID device? is this possible?

  • Exactly. I would not really call these "breakaway" since one can not snap them apart as should be possible.