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  • Honestly not sure why the community would spend effort with a very proprietary solution like this where the actual communications components are only available from one company and not open.

    There is a perfectly good fully open alternative now to long distance IoT communications. Google: LoRaWAN

  • I think I will wait until these guys run out of venture Capitol so these are worthless doorstops because their cloud service you are 100% dependent on them to keep running goes bye bye.

    Then I can get these for a few pennies each and hack them to talk to my own reverse-engineered server.

  • Hmm. Tough call. You can get an actual real Raspberry Pi and the Alamode pi Shield which then puts a full arduino on top of the pi...and you have the best of both worlds for actually a little less.

    RaspberryPi $35 : https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11546 Alamode $35: http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/alamode-arduino-compatible-raspberry-pi-plate-p-1285.html

    And its still cheaper than this.

    If they really wanted this to take off they would have made it cheaper than actually buying the same thing seperately. At $50 I might be a buyer of this. At $77, I am a buyer of a real pi + an arduino bridge shield like the Alamode.

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