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  • I had a similar issue with the board, which I ultimately fixed. Out of the box, USB wasn't working at all, but I hooked up an AVR programmer and could get the blink program running. Still, none of the USB-related sketches would run and the serial port never showed up. Due to the nature of the USB 3 connector I couldn't test it directly, but I did hook up a microUSB board to the pads under the board. Same issue though, error logs complaining about enumeration errors. Spent an hour digging through forums to find that the 5.1k resistors were almost certainly the problem, and that this design is bad. Very, very carefully shorted them (what are they, 0402?) with wire, as suggested, fired it up, and everything worked fine. Would have preferred to replace them with 22 ohm resistors but I already spent so much time just getting this board into the state it's supposed to be in from SFE, I just didn't want to deal with it anymore.

  • Incidentally, there are no carrier restrictions preventing SparkFun from shipping batteries to Alaska or Hawaii now, but they still don't. There are plenty of great eBay sellers for lithium batteries these days, though.

  • As someone who has been using this device for several months, I should probably mention that their SDK supports not only Windows and Linux (including the RPi and Jetson Nano), but MacOS. Development is pretty easy. You receive frames of data describing the distance measured for each sample, along with the angular position, over a regular serial interface. The dongle included is just a USB to serial interface, which I personally don't use. Their github is here:

  • The hazard warning is nice, but there doesn't appear to be another power supply that outputs a fixed +/-15v. So there may not be another choice.

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