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  • Second that..

    If I can't run my own 'mothership' then I'm never going to buy one of these.
    I don't care if the mothership is closed source, like a teamspeak server, but nothing, and I mean nothing gets to have two way conversations from inside my network to the outside world without me having full control over it.

    The people they need to develop apps for this are the very people that won't buy it until they can run without a public cloud.

  • Oh I wish I had read this comment first :-) the v command colors threw me (V5 firmware)
    I spent a bit of time trying to figure out why my compass wasn't reading. The picture on the dangerousprototypes site agrees with the firmware and is indeed backwards from this cable.
    I respectfully suggest that sparkfun flip the ribbon before someone lets the magic smoke out of something precious.

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