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  • No, I honestly did not expect it to take 6 hours for one of thousands of entries to line up with a geiger counter, especially considering how often it activated on the live stream.

    I figured the odds would be low. I figured I might be at it for a couple hours. I didn't figure it would be THIS bad.

    Also, enjoy the ban. :)

  • Yes. I won't shop at Sparkfun because their idea of getting me as a customer was to have me enter captchas for 5 hours in hopes of winning $100.

    This is AWFUL business. The fact that they're giving away something for free doesn't make it any better business. I'm sorry that you and society in general think that giving away something for free excuses them from criticism, but that's not how business works. That's EXACTLY why I will not be doing business with them in the future.

  • You're right, we're just losing 6 hours of our life to typing captchas.

    Meanwhile, other people got them in 3 minutes.

    Next time, do a drawing that doesn't involve wasting large amounts of time. Not like it matters, though, because Sparkfun lost me and I'm sure many others as future customers. This is not the way to drum up a customer base.

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