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  • It'd be neat if sparkfun sold tiny squares (suitable for capping these tiny IC sensors) of various wavelength pass filters all the way from UV to IR.

  • TSL237T. Its a fairly tiny surface mount though. I bought one and my weak soldering skills are not helping. It and the TSL45313 (ambient light, up to full daylight!) could use a breakout, as the TSL45313 probably can't be hand soldered.

  • Any equivalent rated to -40C?

  • I understand that the filtering IR is less susceptible to interference (like daylight).

  • Relay noob here,

    1) On page 9 of the datasheet (showing the standard circuit), a protection diode is on the DC controller side. Why is this necessary? Is not the optical isolation sufficient protection?

    2) Any decent tutorials on snubber circuits?

    3) How do I figure the required size of heatsink? On pg6, fig2, do I read up my ambient temp to the desired A, then find the closest curve above it? Do these "Al plates" described need cooling fins, or is just a smooth lunk of metal sufficient?

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