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  • Chiming in because I have the same problem! Consistently reading 2.5C to 3C warmer than actual (as measured with a TMP36, and a wall thermometer.)

    Temp from my TMP36 sensor: 21.29C

    Temp from BME280: 23.94C

    Calibration words and first reading from BME280:

    Displaying concatenated calibration words
    dig_T1, uint16: 28229
    dig_T2, int16: 26576
    dig_T3, int16: 50
    dig_P1, uint16: 38175
    dig_P2, int16: -10690
    dig_P3, int16: 3024
    dig_P4, int16: 3748
    dig_P5, int16: 3
    dig_P6, int16: -7
    dig_P7, int16: 9900
    dig_P8, int16: -10230
    dig_P9, int16: 4285
    dig_H1, uint8: 75
    dig_H2, int16: 356
    dig_H3, uint8: 0
    dig_H4, int16: 333
    dig_H5, int16: 0
    dig_H6, uint8: 30
    Temperature: 23.94 degrees C
    Temperature: 75.07 degrees F
    Pressure: 96380.00 Pa
    Altitude: 434.37m
    Altitude: 1425.11ft
    %RH: 25.00 %