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  • Hi - if you don't want the power consumed by the breakout board to be counted in the total, simply swap the input and output (see other comments above for why this works).

    Separate from that, it sounds as if 1A full scale is too large for your needs -- you can replace the 0.05 ohm shunt resistor with a larger value (0.5 ohms for 100mA full scale, 5 ohms for 10mA, etc).

    Between those two tweaks, this board might work better for you.

  • To exclude the sensor's energy consumption from the total count...

    TL;DR: If you don't want the energy consumed by the LTC4150 and pull-ups included in the total count, simply swap input and output.


    Like others, I have an application where I don't want the energy consumed by the LTC4150 counted towards the total.

    To the best of my understanding, you can solve that by simply by connecting your power source to the output terminals and your load to the input terminals. This works because the device measures bi-directional current, and takes its power from the "output" side of the sense resistor.

    I infer this from reading the data sheet and the schematics, but someone should back me up on this!

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