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  • Product DD-12012 | about 2 months ago

    Really guys, what kind of webshop is this?, I managed to add the product to cart, and selected shipping, but when going to payment the product was sold out? when product is in the cart, it should stay there so it’s possible to pay ????

  • News - New Product Friday: Actob… | about 4 months ago

    could have made kits similar to this: http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/makeblock-m-49.html?ref=pinfo collection of usable parts for various task, something to getting started. and please, add some metric numbers..

  • Product TOL-11704 | about a year ago

    And everyone knows that proper men does not read docs.. Oh, I kinda sucked at that, so I read it, and put it in the proper place. (better not keep that brass hot always stealing heat from the iron)

  • Product TOL-11704 | about a year ago

    Hakko is difficult, and this difficulty makes the market for clones exists, quite a shame really. I sucked it in, and paid $270 for my 888d, and can’t say I regret it now, it’s an supergood iron, but it was kinda hard to swallow the pill when ordering.

  • Product TOL-10553 | about a year ago

    like I said, Emagenturer. 1350 ex vat.. but they got the new model, 888D with digital readout now.

  • Product TOL-10553 | about a year ago

    Yes, I was refering to the fx951, I know the 888 use T18/900M tips, but since we have some crazy prices on Hakko equipment here in Norway, I searched around, and found an US ebay seller that sells the 220v version of fx951 (which is probably way overkill, but hey), and that with shipping for similar price as I have to pay for an fx888 here in Norway. So, the choice was kinda easy. (Even so, since I haven’t found any 220v versions of the 888 anywhere) But the naming of the tips (except for the prefix (t12, t15, t18, 900m)) looks to be similar. So, I guess I’ll get couple chisels and an bevel then. If I now can find someone to sell me T15 tips, without raping me. (The basic tips cost like $40 here.. and spatula tips cost like $170.. ) Don’t ask me what I pay for an beer..

  • Product TOL-10553 | about a year ago

    After some use, I guess I’m wrong on this, the size difference of the t18 and 900m tips are little, if any. Mostly the difference in size is clones etc. At leat the room between the heater and the tip is not that big.

  • Product TOL-10553 | about a year ago

    A little bit offtopic, but regarding the fx951 (and probably the 888), which solder tips are recomended for various types of soldering?, I guess you do an fair bit of soldering, smd, throughhole etc, so I guess you have an idea of an good selection? I finally found someone who sells the fx951 220v, so I couldn’t help myself but ordered it. (yes, I know, way overkill I guess) I gonna do mostly smd (0603 and bigger), and some throughhole. Right now I’m using mostly D12 and D32 on an hakko clone.

    And I guess you wouldn’t carry those T15 tips? (btw, is the T12 tips exact match?)

  • Product PRT-11463 | about a year ago

    I guess this is the correct size for the Arcade joysticks and buttons?, the ¼" is too big right?

  • Product TOL-10553 | about 2 years ago

    I ended up with same setup as this one: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/32675

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