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  • I can see that, but they will easily puncture your lipo package.. looks like a wearable shield+batteryshield could solve it, but then one are stacking high for an device that is small in the first place.

  • Does it exist any bottom shield?, that is, a shield like this, but without pins sticking out under?

    Would also be nice if this shield was smt, and no pins under, so one could mount the battery under this shield to take less space..

  • so, what if you want to measure up to say 100-200 grams, and resolution of 1 or less grams?, seems like all load cells like this are around 5-10kg and up :(

  • So why did I get an UNO with the .org colors (teal), and arduino.org on the back instead of the .cc version? (From ordernumber 1236157)

    Edit: Ok, so I read this wrong, I was not at all expecting an .org version when I ordered an uno, It isn’t written anywhere on the productpage that the Uno is not from .cc anymore. (Getting that error message when using the Uno and arduino ide)

  • yes, to bad that the prototype have the same productpage as the final product, due to all the questions from the prototyping stage. Similarly, the baseboard and batteryboard have info about it beeing able to short out, wonder if that was only the prototype or not also?

    I’m sitting with this gpio board now, but cannot use it, since it does not fit toghether with the intel breakout board, so I have no way of powering it, and talking to it, so I need to find out if I should order baseboard or other board, and a batteryboard..

    Would be nice if there was a board similar to the original breakout, but levelshifted..

  • I got this today, and thought I could use it together with the edison breakout kit, but not so, it doesn’t fit due to the jumpers on one side of the breakout board from Intel.. damn, so now I cannot use this until I get an baseboard or something..

  • a second prototype?, maybe some of these comments should reflect the product?, since it states that this one is 3v3 level shifted?, or is it not?

  • ah, didn’t read pro, but this one? https://learn.adafruit.com/introducing-pro-trinket/pinouts Strange that one cannot come up with an standard way of documenting pinouts like these: http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/teensy31.html

  • Are you sure?, pro mini: http://pighixxx.com/prominiv3_0.pdf Trinket: https://learn.adafruit.com/introducing-trinket/pinouts

  • The name say that this is Pro, the price likewise, but the specifications are for the Logic 8, which is this? specifically, the pro goes from 1.2v, not 1.8v, speeds are different etc.

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