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  • Hello, I am measuring current supply peaks up to 50mA, with 24-35mA average at the input of the OpenLog BB when a 9600baud stream of data is entering. I have tested three different OpenLog breakout boards and it is the same in all off them. The SD card is a 4Gb original Kingston. Is that power consume normal for these boards? I read up to 6mA -full load- in the documentation, and 1-2mA in iddle state (this point true and measured here). Please,could the SD brand/capacity be blamed for it or in your experience it happening the same? Thanks, Maxi Guzman

  • Hello, I have mounted one empty Atmega328 in my own board to be sent data from a second MCU. How can I flash the last firmware into the 328? I have flashed 'something' able to create a new file in the SD, but I get junk characters when I try to write some data sent through Tx. i am using an ATMEL programmer to ISP the AtMega. Please, help. Thanks.

  • Hi, I bought this module and one WRL-00558 antenna with RP SMA connector. Both seems to have female connectors without pin in the middle. Does anybody know if there is an adaptor to match both connectors? Do I buy an antenna?

  • Who is SPARC? Does it sound well SPARC-RATS for those sparked-lot-of-spark?
    Nate, I will place an order to your company in the next days. Just keep on doing things like as today. Me and many people out there hit your site every day in a sort of browsing a modern electronic magazine searching for cool news on amazing electronic pieces. Again, who is SPARC?
    Best regards.

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