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  • This is my life now.

  • Look at all the sparks I give!

  • Wouldn't this be a bipolar stepper since it has only four leads?

  • Something something Niwot, CO

  • A wild Trinitron appears!

  • So I've had this for a day, and made some observations:

    • The "Li-Poly Battery Connector" doesn't exist. There's a 2 pin header on the 5V bus, but nothing that will take a 1S or 2S battery.

    • Linksprite has a repo for kernel and u-boot that are crusty but sufficient

    • The hardware is similar enough to the SABRE platform that the directions at eewiki are close enough to get a modern kernel and distro working. At a minimum the write protect GPIOs need to be removed from the mmc section in the devicetree or Linux will insist that the SD card is write protected

    • My board has an FT232 populated but no connector. I know the production board isn't supposed to have an onboard USB-to-TTL adapter, but it would have been nice to shave $4 off the BOM and pass that on in the final price if it's not being used. Or is this a plot to sneakily get rid of FTDI clones?

    • The onboard 4 port hub has two unconnected ports. It would be nice if they were brought out to headers or connectors. Since it's an SOIC it's possible to blue-wire to them though.

    • The CODEC in the schematic is a Cirrus/Crystal part, but there's a Wolfson part on the board. Also the DRAM parts are slightly different Micron parts (higher speed grade) than the ones in the schematic. It would be nice if the schematic were accurate.

  • Thanks! I have plans for this... Big plans....

    (sinister laughing)


  • I went Friday by myself and had fun building one up and playing find-the-blinky-space-pod, so I brought my kids on Sunday so my 7 year old son could try his hand at soldering. The line was too long for his younger sister's patience, so we bought a Simon PTH kit and he built it up at home instead (also a lot of fun, and with 100% more Bee-Gees). That's not to say the booth was too small, it was by far the busiest one there.

    Mine is still hanging by my desk, waiting to be repurposed.

    I'm curious: why the FTDI UART? I'm not asking out of lingering FTDI-gate rage, but because it seems a 32U4 would be a cheaper alternative for a cost-sensitive gimme like this.

    Also, the matrix is really nifty on its own, and the right angle header makes it easily breadboarded.

    Thanks for the freebies!

  • Got everything working except the 2 Edison blocks with misplaced mezzanine connectors, which are near impossible to hand rework.

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