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  • Both of these posts help a bunch. Here's what I ended up with... https://github.com/EchelonForce/serialLCD/blob/master/serialLCD.py

  • Can these be easily opened to replace the panel?

  • I disagree. If I purchased this I wouldn't want random unmodifiable components hidden in the cable. A cable like this IMO should contain only copper...and terminators of course.

  • I agree "power" does make more sense...but as long as we RTFM we'll be okay.

  • Part sorting can be fun.... PIC, PICAXE, PIC, PIC, PICAXE, PIC, BATTLEAXE!!!

  • "Engineers demonstrate prototype safety equipment required for operating the Wii U."

  • Ive had luck using acrylic paints in electronics projects. Its conductive while wet but ok when dry. I fully second the small scale tests comment. Perhaps using a heaterizer to fully dry the conductive paint woul solve blending issues.

  • Thankyou for the tutorial!
    Got this all up and running on an EVO 4G in a couple hours.
    The example works as intended on the first run, but it always force quits on resume (for me)...Still have to figure out why...

  • I foresee this having the same commitment issues of robojoust, but if you guys report that a few people are signing up I'm in...I just don't want to be the only participant this time.
    First impression idea: simple line follower or something that drives along getting power from a rail (like a trolley) but the further it goes the higher the supply voltage...eventually it'll go so fast it can't control line following and then simultaneous magic smoke (from high voltage) and loss of control occur...perhaps with fireworks for effect.

  • Would have been an 8 hour drive fore me...had I not done the drive for the failed robojoust I might have come...maybe next year.