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  • You could do like Amazon did and patent something revolutionary like taking a photo with a white background.

  • I had the same question, the 'why' explanation here was pretty vague. I'm more a developer than a DBA and I'm fairly familiar with MySQL and I didn't get that part of the article.

  • Those old Radio Shack electronics kits, I had 3 or 4 of them and when I exhausted all of the projects in the books I started making hybrid projects adding jumpers between the kits and making more complex circuits than those in the books. At an older age, joined the Navy and gained some formal training. The NEETS modules previously mentioned are great as well. I suspect that they are somewhat dry to just read through start to finish, there aren't really any 'projects' in them but they're great reference material and a good source of free knowledge if you're driven to look something up and learn about it.

  • If I understand correctly I think the logomatic could still have uses like hanging it off of an analog circuit such as a simple thermistor without the need for adding stuff like a uC or firmware. I could see some uses for analog logging without needing to provide digital data. In your use though, no.. it's almost easier to go all digital.

  • If one is a fixed base station and both are the same type of receiver, it increases it tremendously. This is a proven method called differential GPS.

  • You need to start selling goggles like Evan's, I'll need these in a post-apocalypse scenario like Mad Max.

  • I'm fairly sure that most (or all) of these components came by ship so your actual footprint is probably far less than you anticipate. Most distributors (like Future) have weeks to months lead time on parts because of this. Nonetheless I get that the purpose is to educate on the complexity of sourcing while also being altruistic so it's not really worth getting into much further than that.

    Good article.

  • As someone who grew up with 3 or 4 of those radio shack spring terminal 100 in 1 or whatever kits, I was happy to see these. The demo box you built reminded me strongly of those.

  • You did a terrific job with this article and the pictures are amazing as well. This entire story is publication-worthy. Thanks for the great read.

  • Looks like a guard trace to eliminate cross-talk. Also surrounds the processor and DRAM the “fast” stuff.

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