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  • I tested this chip with vibration from a diesel engine at various RPMs and it faired poorly. The heading varied by +/- 15 degrees at times. It behaved similarly when I repeatedly bumped the wooden test bench it was mounted to. I tried different mounting methods, including using vibration dampening gel tape (used in RC helicopter gyro mounts) but nothing seemed to make much difference.

    The 2 dimensional HMC 6352 was much more vibration resistant but of course it suffers significant accuracy loss when tilted more than a few degrees.

    After testing several other accelerometer + magnetometer solutions for vibration sensivity, I came to the conclusion that a gyroscope was a necessary component. I ended up using the CH Robotics UM6-LT which has a gyroscope. It has been extremely vibration resistant, and was similarly priced to the 6343.

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