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  • No matter what you do for encrypting all your traffic, you’re still stuck with trusting the provider and their ISP. I personally use SSH tunnels (with autossh) as socks 5 proxies, which can be a bit more configurable and dependable on these devices, and easier than implementing SSL. Additionally, for DNS, I use DNS SEC, which tunnels your DNS requests over a secure channel to a remote provider. The challenge then becomes having a server to route the SOCKS5 connections and to act as DNS cache. Having a proxy and cache setup on your LAN with the free tier on AWS can help with all of this, and it’s not likely that AWS is looking to sell information on “surfing” type traffic.

  • Is it safe to assume that this uses I2C or SPI for configuration and sensor output? Also, what are the other pin headers that don’t have connectors pre-soldered in the image? (DEN, AG, INT2, AG, INT1, M, etc.)

  • I am new to programming with an FTDI BOB, what do I set ‘board’ to in my development environment?

  • Is it possible to get a schematic? I have a number of these that went bad when I bought a batch of cables from Spark Fun with several mis-wired connectors (red and black were swapped). I was thinking initially that it was the 555 timers that went bad, but now I’m not so sure.

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