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  • Product PRT-10161 | about a year ago

    It looks like it is – the IC has “KD14” printed on it, and according to the datasheet “KD” matches up with MCP73831T-2ACI/OT.

  • Product PRT-08670 | about a year ago

    Answered my own question. From this sparkfun tutorial:

    If you’ve ever tried to pull a JST connector from a JST socket you’ll find it’s incredibly difficult. This is because JST connectors were designed to be used deep inside electronics where a battery or component may need to be changed only once or twice within the lifetime of the product. A very strong, firm connection was more important than ease of removal. We use JST connectors specifically because they have such great holding and are so compact!

  • Product PRT-08670 | about a year ago

    The connector on mine seems to fit EXTREMELY tightly in actual PH headers bought from JST (not just clones.) Like, you need to use pliers to get it out. Has this happened to anyone else?

  • Product PRT-10687 | about a year ago

    To anyone who’s still interested, I just bought mine and it had a tag on it that seems to say Kapton. Here’s a photo.

  • Product PRT-10161 | about a year ago

    Is the IC used in this the MCP73831T-2ACI/OT? I think I may have fried mine, and the MCP73831T has several variants that control the various charging thresholds.

  • Product PRT-00643 | about a year ago

    These don’t seem to like to let go of Monoprice ethernet cables with “GIGA” stamped on the ends (“24 AWG Cat6 550 MHz UTP Bare Copper” kind) – you have to put down a lot of pressure on the latch part with your thumb before the cable releases. I don’t have this problem when I plug the cables into normal networking equipment. This part seems to work just fine with some other cables I have, though, so maybe it’s more of a problem with the cable.

    RJHSE-5080-ND from digikey seems a lot better with those monoprice cables, but the footprint is different. It also doesn’t appear to have a cat rating of any kind.

  • Product TOL-08795 | about 2 years ago

    The tips of my tweezers don’t align. Blurry pic here.

    Is there some sort of non-obvious benefit to this tip arrangement? Or is this just a manufacturing issue that I should correct by bending one of the tips into place?

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