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  • Hi Dean, I meant to reply to your post so you'd get notified, but the site put my post at the end of the current posts and may not have notified you.
    If you haven't already, please take a look at my post and let me know your thoughts on a true bidirectional attopilot sensor.

  • Dean, what I'm specifically looking for is 24/7 bi-directional current sensing - without having to disconnect and reverse the sensor in real-time.
    The TI Spec sheet shows a circuit that's very close to yours, just with an additional sense chip and a couple more support components.
    I've looked for simple ways of piggybacking, or dead-bug-mounting the additional components onto your board, but I didn't see any serendipitous configurations that would make it easy (or safe).
    So... I'm about to start cadding one up myself out of need, but though you should have first dibs so-to-speak on the project, given the elegance and simplicity of the AttoPilot, not to mention that you have the obvious head-start with the existing design(s). More than a couple people have expressed interest already, so maybe it's something that will pan out.
    If you're swamped, and if it happens to be sourced in EagleCAD, please consider me a resource if you want someone to bi-directionalize the AttoPilot for you. I'd be happy to give it my best efforts.

  • Hi Dean, first of all, great board!
    Like others, I've found a need to monitor current going into and coming out of a battery, so I'm looking for bi-polar current monitoring. In looking at the datasheet for the INA169, they provide an example of bi-directional sensing. It requires a second INA169 and associate support components, but it really shouldn't be too hard to take your existing design and convert it to a bi-polar design. The same parallel shunts could be used.
    Would you be interested in doing such a thing? Maybe if you're too busy, you'd be able to share the design files and let someone like me do the layout for you? I have a feeling many others would be interested in purchasing such a variant of your already great board.
    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Count me in with the group of SparkFun's regular customers who already had their cart ready to go, but could not even log in to the website until after the $100K was gone.
    No animosity at all from me - very happy you guys were able to do this whole thing in the first place.
    However, you might want to consider an "existing customer only" event in the future.
    Though, I do hope you guys got a lot of new customers in the process, to help grow your business.

  • I took a stab at the current requirements for each R, G, & B at being about 2.2v 20ma for Red, and 3.5v 30ma for B & G. Because I needed to use a 5v source, I just re-flowed the resistors off, and replaced 'em with some 100ohm for the Red, and 150ohm for the Blue & Green. This helps considerably (but doesn't cure) the Red imbalance.

  • Sparkfun, great assortment of nozzles. However, you should probably be more clear about this particular item NOT being a SET of nozzles. I know it says "Sold in single units by model number", but that could have easily applied to the other nozzle pages where only single nozzles are pictured.
    For example, the following page only shows the nozzle in question, not the whole set:
    I honestly thought I was going to receive a SET of nozzles as indicated by the pictures. This particular nozzle page is ambiguous and simply needs to be disambiguated.
    I suppose the price was "too-good-to-be-true" and I should have done more due-diligence, so I'm not upset, but I want to make sure that future customers are not misled by the picture.
    Maybe show the whole set on ALL the nozzles and then red-circle the nozzle associated with what's being sold on the page.
    OR, offer the whole set on this page, and change the price accordingly.
    Either way, thanks for the great service and for being there.

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