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  • Found the issue, I had to download a new device list from microchip to support the 710"A"

  • “No device detected. Ensure proper capacitance on VDDCORE/VCAP pin.”

  • Yes, I downloaded it from Microchip yesterday! After more research I find that:

    “dsPIC30F/33F devices require a 4.7 uF capacitor on the Vddcore/Vcap pin in order to function properly. If not using a separate regulator to supply Vddcore, ensure that the ENVREG pin is tied to Vdd.”

    I see from the schematic that this capacitor is 10uF, would this make a difference???

    The error I get from PicKit2 mentions the Vddcore/Vcap capacitor, I dont have it in front of me currently, I will respond with this later.

    Thank you for helping by the way!

  • I cannot get my programmer to read the PIC! I am using PicKit 2,I get the error: Unsupported part (ID 07DFF) It seems the configuration 07DFF is not allowed!

    Am I missing a trick here?

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